• Hello, I’m Carolyn Campbell, an artist that has come by the talent naturally, self taught in the disciplines of realistic portrait painting, landscape, still life, and now sculpture. This sites focus will be on my art, whatever that may be at the moment….and, at the moment I’m addicted to sculpting the human form, or should I say, the mythological derivatives of the human form…i.e. mermaids, faeries, angels and pixies! I hope to not only showcase my creations here, but also to show the art in progress, post some of my own tutorials, post links to other useful tutorial sites, discuss inspiration, favorite artists and new ideas.

    Please check out my blog posts under the Archive links, tons of pictures of each sculpture on the gallery page (shows many stages of the making process as well as the finished piece), and learn about me and my life on the about page,.

    This is my very first sculpture, The Madame Butterflie (2010)

    This is my second, Aqualina, The Pin-Up Mermaid (2010)
    My 3rd Doll, Angel (2010)
    My 4th doll, The butterflie de Prince (2010)
    My 5th doll, Lovely Leggy Lisa (2010)
    Lovely Leggy Lisa

    My 6th doll,  Named ??(not sure yert...lol)

    Please take a look around and leave a comment if so inspired!!

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